English As A Universal Medium Of Communication Essay

English As A Universal Medium Of Communication Essay-2
Any sensible human being will see that these needs and values do need to be communicable around the Globe.

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Beyond the pragmatical approach about the language and the globalization itself.But not only those, the flux of innovations, information and people also reaches a higher level everyday.With those, problems that once were local, today are global, to name some: environmental destruction, clandestine immigration, terrorism, drug trafficking – these problems do not any more go steady under a nations rule of justice, and it does not matter how strong the nation is – they have gone global.THE GLOBALIZATION OF VALUES It is maybe simplistic to say that the last two decades are the decades of globalization.Yes there is even more growing international commerce, financial and technological which copulates to an international economy.It is also exposed the practical use of the English language in the everyday of the human being wherever around the world.The method used for the production of this study was the thorough examination of articles, e-books and websites linked to the issue.THE IMPORTANCE OF AN OFFICIAL LANGUAGE – ENGLISH – IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMUNICATION Among the six official languages of the United Nations Organization, English is the most relying one, and one of the working ones.The 1945 constituent Charter of The United Nations Organization did not provide official languages for its offices, it was even enacted in five languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French.6 During the first session of the United Nations General Assembly, it was adopted rules of procedure setting out the five languages and two working languages: English and French.According to David Graddol1, there will be two billion people speaking or learning English within a decade.For The Economist2 English is the language of globalization, among other nouns.


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