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Pearson and AQA offer comparable syllabuses in which the same combination of creative, linguistic and literary skills are developed and tested.A-Level English Literature will encourage you to develop your interest in, and enjoyment of, literary study through reading widely and critically.You will consider poetry, drama and fiction texts based on the subject of 'Love through the Ages' in year one and 'Modern Literature from 1945 to Present Day' in year two.

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Students who have studied, enjoyed and done well in English Language and English Literature GCSE are natural candidates for this A level.A science-based student might well be attracted to this A level as a fourth subject option to be retained or jettisoned at the end of year 12.The subject leads naturally into all degree courses in the Humanities and is a particularly attractive option for those interested in Journalism or Creative Writing courses.It is quite possible to study this subject and end up reading English Literature at degree level (but do check university entrance requirements).On the other hand, A level English Language and Literature is perfect preparation for degree courses in English Language or Linguistics.Assessment is by regular internal assessments, a coursework draft and a mock exam in year one, and by final submission of coursework and two external exams in year two.As the most ‘traditional’ of the English A-Level courses, English Literature is particularly prized by leading universities.The coverage of A level English Language and Literature is broader than that of English Literature A level since, in addition to the study of novels, poetry and plays, it includes the study of non-fiction spoken and written texts as well as providing exciting opportunities for creative writing.In the first year of the A level English Language and Literature course you study non-fiction written and spoken texts and the language of literary texts. In the second year you continue to broaden your understanding of non-fiction and spoken texts through emphasis on how language is used in context.Nonetheless, A level English Language and Literature holds obvious attractions for those who enjoyed the creative aspects of English Language GCSE and the opportunities it afforded to consider non-literary forms of writing.Creative writing and engagement with non-fictional texts form no part of any current English Lit A level and for some students this a lack only to be remedied by opting for this particular A level.


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