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And the animals like elephants and leopards are not scarce.

And the animals like elephants and leopards are not scarce.

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However, with the introduction of liberalized economic policies in 1977, significant amounts of national and international investments were made to construct the accommodation of tourism, mainly in Colombo and the Southwest coast which ultimately lead to control the large part of the inbound tourist market by the private sector. Growth of the tourism industry got stagnated because of the 30 year long internal conflict and terrorism which caused a negative impact on tourism.

With the end of the conflict in 2009, created a lot of opportunities through tourism industry.

Sri Lanka is one of the most sorts for tourist destinations in the world.

It is advantageously situated between West Asia and South East Asia has been a significant stop on the silk route.

After the establishment of the Ceylon Tourist Board, the Sri Lankan tourist industry has systematically developed drawing much foreign exchange into the country (Handaragama, 2010).

From 1966 onwards, the tourist industry gradually inherited results of many mentioned implemented programs for the development of the industry.From the ancient time the travellers and the traders have attracted to Sri Lanka and it is a languorous tropical island of deep spirituality and serenity.Sri Lanka grabbed the Western imagination as the Tahiti of the East. Four sections of it are; Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (formed in 2005 by replacing Sri Lanka Tourist Board which was established in 1966), Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Sri Lanka Institute of Hotel Management and Sri Lanka Convention Bureau.It is a most demanding country for lovers of nature and wild life because tourism offers safaris, Treks, Nature walks and Camping that could be a marvelous experience for them.The entire island is swarming with birds and animals.This colourful collection act as an indicator of its richness.All requirements are equipped in the country and it is to be one of the best tourist destinations with absolute peace, political stability and the climatic changes can be seen through beautiful waterfalls, rivers, sceneries, tea estates and many other attractive places.Its landscape orientation especially the Warm Sun kissed Beaches creates mix of opportunities which lead to the final holiday destination.The diversity of temperatures, vegetation and scenery grab a large sense towards Srilanka.According to ADB (1998), until the early 1980s 76 percent of tourism accommodation in the country is owned and forced by the Hotel Corporation (a semi-privatized formerly state owned body).During this era (between mid-1960s and early 1980s) as a result of the state investments, the tourism accommodation facilities expanded.


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