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Average Americans who are entitled to their own privacy have been violated by the growing arm of the federal government for the sake of national security. Can the American people afford the right to keep and bear arms in our modern day and age?

However, this argument can be expanded into a much larger conversation: what about the other God-given rights that the American people have?

Have the rights that the Bill of Rights protect become too dangerous to exist in the modern day United States?

So, it is a good thing that we all have to follow a certain rule, known as the law.

These rules are fair and just, and these enable us to become free to a certain extent.

People are calling for more legislation (however, at the time of writing, we are still unsure how many weapons were legally bought).

If he did buy these weapons legally, what is the solution that will be put out there?

But the question is that do we really need to be free fully?

If we are free mentally as well as physically, than we would make our own rules, and we would not have to follow any other rules.

Life always has enslavement, and we have to learn to live with it.

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