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Essay About Youth Violence-21
Music has a major impact on affecting the ways that youth act.Most youth are influenced by the music video then the actual lyrics in the songs.

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If this rise in aggressive acts is to be stemmed, the causes youth violence must be determined and analyzed to determine which ones, The recent shooting of a six year-old girl in Flint, Michigan supports this claim that North American children are indeed affected by the violence they watch on television.

The Toronto Star states that the five year-old boy who did the shooting admittedly enjoyed watching “violent movies and TV shows” (14).

To children some of the artists are their role model and the child may want to grow up and be just like their role model.

If a child sees one of their role models robbing banks or doing drugs and this is the person that they want to be like when they grow up, then the child may start doing what that particular artist is doing in the music video.

Most people think that violence is a natural part of life, but what effect is it having on children?

As the number of violent crimes committed by young people under the age of 18 has increased in recent years, the problem of youth violence has been elevated to an issue of national concern.

In addition to mimicking hostile behaviour they view on television, the sheer number of violent acts seen by young people is responsible for desensitizing them to violence (Landau 38).

Consequently, juveniles are at a high predisposition to committing violent acts and most feel no hesitation or remorse when they do so because television has showed them violence to be a way of life.

What effects do Video Games, Music, and Television have on Youth Violence?

Many people today wonder why so many children are committing crimes.


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