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Many travelers monetize their hobbies through blogs, videos, and other mediums.Traveling blogs are quite popular these days, and with enough followers to your blog, you could mostly go for free forever.Explore these nearby locations and continue to spiral out into the world.

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It’s a way for us to relax, take our mind off the everyday hassle of life and enjoy ourselves.

Anything can be a hobby from making model trains to painting and even play the guitar.

For most people, traveling isn’t considered a “hobby” as we almost always travel either for business or pleasure. However, for some people traveling and sightseeing can be considered a hobby.

These are people that specifically plan to do certain activities throughout their travels.

When you run out of local spots to visit…you will have to expand your search for fresh new sights you can see.

Sightseeing can be a cheap hobby, or it can be expensive depending on the sights you want to see.You become more tolerant, open to more ideas and in many cases friendlier.They say that travelers develop their own unique culture.However they do become more adaptable to change, they have a more ‘open mind’ about global concepts and have a firmer understanding of humanity as a whole.They develop a larger pallet, become more familiar with other customs and are easy to get along with since they have a more flexible approach to other cultures.Instead of stay in a hotel, you could simply take a tent and some food, and you obtain an affordable experience. For instance, going to see the pyramids in Mexico would cost you travel, hotel stays, a price of admission and if you want to take professional photography of the sites, you’d have to pay an additional fee as well.Depending on your preferences, the price range of sightseeing can vary widely.The more you steer away from your environment, you begin to adapt to other environments and cultures. While this might sound like a “bad thing,” it’s quite the opposite.People who travel a lot might not ‘fit in’ within their communities as those who do not travel.Thus, sightseeing is a worthwhile investment as you’re mostly investing in your happiness.Similarly, by traveling and seeing the sights, you expand your global perspective.


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