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By 2020, for the first time in history, the number of people aged 65 and over will outnumber children aged five and under.

But our systems are lagging woefully behind this new reality.

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Camilla Cavendish The world is undergoing a dramatic demographic shift.

In Extra Time, Camilla Cavendish embarks on a journey to understand how different countries are responding to these unprecedented challenges.

Travelling across the world in a carefully researched and deeply human investigation, Cavendish contests many of the taboos around ageing.Instead of Xeroxing a pile of paperwork and waiting weeks for an answer, small businesses filled out applications online and heard back within hours, sometimes even minutes. Technology companies like Amazon, Pay Pal, and Square entered the market, and new possibilities for even more transformative products and services began to appear.In Fintech, Small Business & the American Dream, former U. Small Business Administrator and Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, Karen G.But then a new dawn of financial technology, or “fintech,” emerged.Beginning in 2010, new fintech entrepreneurs recognized the gaps in the small business lending market and revolutionized the customer experience for small business owners.; Thinking realistically about unification; China’s Policy toward North Korea; Japan’s View of Nuclear North Korea: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?; Alliance Management and Tension: Between “Fire and Fury” and Protecting Alliance Equities; The Role of Sanctions; The history & meaning of denuclearization; The vexations of verification; Could the Trump Administration achieve a breakthrough?Armed with knowledge of the code that governs all living things, biology and biotechnology are poised to edit, even rewrite, the texts of life to correct nature’s mistakes.Yet, how far should the capacity to manipulate what life is at the molecular level authorize science to define what life is for?Despite its importance the crisis is being managed in a treacherous context of public ignorance and misinformation. This volume assembles the work of leading experts in the hope of dispelling the misinformation and lack of information.Every author in this volume writes from career-long study of Korea and personal experience in Korea.


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