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For example, Calabresi soberly led the investigation as Detective Sergeant Hing of the Laramie Police Department, and later broadcasted the news of Matthew Shepard’s passing as Rulon Stacey, the CEO of Poudre Valley Hospital where Shepard was hospitalized, channeling the entirety of the heartbreak of Laramie and the world watching.Additionally, Mueller lightheartedly portrayed Doc O’Connor, a middle-aged local limousine driver complaining about the Wyoming wind, but quickly shifted roles to deliver a heartfelt and grieving plea to the courtroom at Aaron Mc Kinney’s trial, imploring them to grant him life imprisonment for his crime in return of the life Matthew could not live.

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Among those who yearn for a Laramie free of the crime’s stain, some found that happening. Mythology and storytelling, one University of Wyoming folklorist and professor told the theater company, play as deep a role in the remembrance of history as do news reports and personal memories.” Tectonic: Rights to the Laramie Project plays are facilitated through Dramatists Play Service.“A literary and theatric legacy, meanwhile, came from a band of playwrights and performers from New York City who were moved by the unfolding story of how a town responds to tragedy, controversy and worldwide media a gripping tour through the actual spoken words of Laramie people drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews to show the outrage, the sense of being unfairly singled out, the quiet hope for change among gay and lesbian residents and the sometimes callous behavior of journalists.By clicking Send, the above School/Theatre Company agrees to credit The Matthew Shepard Foundation for these resources and support in the production program and (optionally) promotional materials such as posters.NOTE: video resources are ONLY for use by your cast/crew for research and education purposes, and for use during your production.The small cast – James Calabresi ’20, Caroline Cannon ’18, Anya Forsberg ’19, Pieter Hoets ’17, Hayden Mueller ’19, Precious Ogu ’20, Claire Pritchard ’20, William Tjeltveit ’20, Sarah-Kristen Vazquez ’19, and Dayla Whaley ’20 – seamlessly transitioned between roles that were each easily distinguishable despite minimal to no changes in costumes for the actors.Karger’s directorial decisions pieced together the individual testimonies of Laramie residents to form a single, cohesive, collective experience, in a way that brought the town of Laramie to life like a character in its own right.17 came at an eerily convenient time for Trinity’s campus.A harrowing, poignant, and disconcertingly true story, “The Laramie Project” is a theatrical compilation of interviews from Tectonic Theater Project’s trip to Laramie, Wyoming, five weeks after the murder of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay student at the University of Wyoming.After Matthew’s murder in 1998, members of the Tectonic Theater Project in New York City traveled to Laramie, Wyoming, to interview residents about how the attack on Matt had affected the town.These transcripts were transformed into the play Submit the accompanying form to connect with the Matthew Shepard Foundation about supporting your local production and download various resources.


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