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Science is the abstract knowledge or the core institution that we fundamentally received from our ancestors.The turning point or the application of this knowledge in user specific ways has created more modern society for us.With time, our people have got falsely attracted to pseudo western values and cultures making them think twice about embracing their own culture.

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The older generations are now opening up to accept good and collective points of other cross cultures as well.

We can broadly say that Indian culture to some extent has had a shadow of British influence in the past.

But the scientific institution from where we received and are passing on the basic fundamentals remain unchallenged.

People have moved beyond this institution and not challenged scientific ethics after a certain point.

The challengers lie in effective utilization of resources for meaningful and purposeful services to mankind.

With time and technological advancement, reasoning and scientific temper replace age-old traditions, customs, religious beliefs and orthodox values.

We are living in a highly privileged society where families have transformed from joint set-up to single, individual or nuclear families.

Cultural know-hows of one generation usually gets passed on to the next generation through word-of-mouth and continuous practice.

When India was created an economic grounds, the backward classes or peeres classes took the lowest stream in society, followed by the middle class and then the upper class.

The cultural values travelled in the other way, the upper class believed to be culturally more significant too. We have the modern class which is believed to be flying high with modern waves, yet has a touch of cultural roots attached to it.


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