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Graduates will have to be flexible and have the personal capabilities to manage changing and challenging work situations.Employers are looking to recruit graduates who fit into the organisational culture and utilise their abilities and skills to transform the company by facilitating innovative teamwork.

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To ensure authenticity, the use of original secondary sources will be used, by doing this there is minimal risk of misinterpretations and there is opportunity for the reader to look up and evaluate the original source.

To ensure authenticity and high quality of sources only peer-reviewed and well cited sources have been used.

The criteria for source critique are authenticity, time relation, independency, and tendency avoidance.

Authenticitymeans that the source should be correct and not misleading.

Little (2001) suggests, that it is a multi-dimensional concept, and there is a need to distinguish between the factors relevant to the job and preparation for work.

Morley (2001) however states that employability is not just about students making deposits in a bank of skills, Knight (2001) further considers the notion of employability to be: “A synergic combination of personal qualities, skills of various kinds and subject understanding”. 2001) The understanding of employability can be seen to be more complicated than the emphasis that Dearing (1997) has placed on student’s personal qualities, which suggests less emphasis on these qualities and more on generic academic skills.

The literature review will look in turn first at, the employability definition, second, employability and transferable skills, third, employability attributes and finally, personal and self-efficacy attributes The main aims of the research project are to: Secondary data will be accessed through Library and Information Service using a selection of tertiary and secondary information sources such as Blackboard, commercial bibliographic databases and Internet search engines and directories.

Sources accessed and retrieved will be used to write the literature review.

There is a suggestion from some graduate recruiters that students are not prepared for work.

However, through efforts from universities and government directives is it the case that employers and universities have not synchronised the expectancy of what makes a graduate employable?


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