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Tuten’s made some valid arguments but she must also consider the importance of progress.

It is being overly romantic to keep on wishing that the old days will not pass away.

It can be argued that Alice Walker is suggesting that the qualities of Mama and Dee must be fused.

This is perhaps the reason why she inserted Maggie in the story.

Maggie does not hate Dee’s sophistication and learning, in fact she wants to be like Dee.

But at the same time Maggie is sensitive enough to honor and respect her mother and their traditions.

Nancy Tuten echoes the sentiment of most readers and most commentators who said that Dee was a bad example of how a girl should behave.

This is evident in the introduction to an article that she had written on this subject and she wrote “Commentaries on Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” typically center on Mama’s awakening to one daughter’s superficiality and to the other’s deep-seated understanding of heritage (Tuten, 1993, p.125).

She must value it the way Mama and Maggie values their family history and heritage.

It seems that Dee can only manage to appreciate what they have on an intellectual level while Mama and Maggie were able to embrace what they went through and their past history from an emotional and spiritual level.


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