Essay On Homosexuality Nature Vs Nurture

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Kinsey was studying human sexuality with the goal of discoverin...

Pro (2011) Peer-Reviewed Studies on the Origin of Sexual Orientation Since 1990.

This was an incredible advancement in the research on homosexuality.

It showed many people that being gay was actually something out of our control, and that we have no way of changing these people.

As we gained more knowledge on the endocrine system in the 20th century two men, Magnus Hirschfeld and Auguste Florel speculated that hormone imbalances could result in homosexuality. Homosexuality: biologically or environmentally constructed. Retrieved March 26, 2014, from Proposals Articles/Homosexuality.Johnson, R.

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Genetic factors began to be considered in the 1940s. Homosexuality: biologically or environmentally constructed. For the Argument The first serious attempt to explain sexual orientation by means other than a person’s social interaction or religious influence was be Von Kraft-Ebbing. His argument, in its most basic form, was that it was ‘inborn’ (Ellis & Ames, 1987, 234). In each case the evidence will be thoroughly discussed and in the conclusion the evidence will be summarized and my opinion will be stated in the conclusion. As stated in many other papers about this subject, the purpose of this paper is not to prove if homosexuality is right or wrong, but to establish a thorough and unbiased understanding about the biological and/or social source of homosexuality. nurture in regards to homosexuality is a topic of intense debate. Those for it, in this case the side of nature will be addressed in ‘for the argument’, defend their reasoning fiercely and there seem to be a significantly larger amount of them. This study was never replicated successfully, therefore all of this is still hypothetical (O'Riordan, 2012). Perception of parental attitudes in homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual individuals. Although this study wasn’t able to be replicated it’s still one of the major milestones in the research on homosexuality. Archives Of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, 12(2), 31-42. Both sides pose important There has been two different parts of the hypothalamus that have been shown enlarged in a homosexual brain, the suprachiasmatic nucleus and the anterior commissure.These parts were found to be larger in separate studies and these parts are not involved in sexual behavior, so the size differences came prenatal in sexual differentiation.


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