Essay On How Technology Aids Learning

This entails the study of computer software applications as well as computer hardware.

With the advent of electronic computers, information technology is used covert, store, process, retrieve, protect, and transmit information to various sources.

So, for example, a student who wants to learn Spanish can find Spanish teachers online and learn from her home.

She doesn’t have to go to Spain or find an institution that teaches Spanish in her country. Since there is no one to supervise your work or evaluate your progress you need a great amount of motivation and discipline to complete your course successfully.

The best thing about classroom learning is that it creates an ambiance conducive to learning.

In a class you are surrounded by other students who also want to score higher grades. In addition, subjects like medicine and engineering cannot be taught online because the emphasis is on practical not theory.From obscurity, information technology has become an everyday term that has encompassed computing and technology.Therefore IT is a wide term and it involves use in many areas.Today personal computers, cell phones, fax machines, pagers, email and the internet have just but become an integral part of today's' lives as they play an important and essential role in our lives.Some advantages of IT include in; Globalization: globalization has brought the world together and enabled the word's economy to become a single interdependent system.Many businesses need software packages to satisfying their operational and functional needs.IT is essential for ensuring that a smooth running of businesses and all its departments.Information technology is related to studying, designing and developing the information related to computers.The IT industry has grown rapidly over the last few years mainly because of its importance and according to experts in the industry the growth is expected to remain stable.The specific importance of IT in business includes: The world today has changed greatly with the advent of IT.Computerization has made manual work easy that by a single click, tasks get completed.


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