Essay On Inter School Cultural Festival

Fests are usually funded through sponsors, although some colleges have begun exploring the idea of crowdfunding.

AITS has a comprehensive set of recreational programs for the students as Dance, Songs, Essay, Debates, Rangoli, poster and Collage Competitions.

It is a celebration of sorts for them irrespective of their religious or ethnic affinity.

Bond of love: The world is full of enmity and prejudices among the people as they try to compete with each other both in terms of wealth and fame.

Businesses have a gala time during the festival and they especially wait for the occasions to make a sound profit.

Happiness all-around: One of the benefits of the festival is that it helps to inculcate a sense of happiness among the people.

It is a wonderful event that brings happiness to the lives of the people.

Beneficial for business: Festival is the time when people shop a lot prompting the retail stores to provide heavy discounts to the buyers.

It is a wonderful gesture especially from the rich people to give back to the society.

In short, the occasion increases the feeling of brotherhood among the neighbors as they meet and have a good time.


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