Essay On Is Today'S Education Relevant To Students Needs

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Tell them all about how doctors, engineers, IT developers, writers or dancers can use that information to become successful.If you want to see your students really engaged about something, let them participate.

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Sometimes, even a funny cartoon can be what you need to make them have a laugh and never forget the subject.

Students think that, at the end of the day, they are at school so they can get ready to get good jobs in the future.

The human voice can be very hypnotizing to some people, and others are easy distracted by it, as you know.

Bring videos, music, slideshows, toys and games, tell stories, bring in a special guest for a talk.

Even the bubbling hormones running through the teenagers’ bodies can cause difficulty to concentrate on anything other than the schoolmate in the nearest chair.

Try as hard as you can to find a way to relate the subject to their daily lives.

Try to relate the subject to your own life and circumstances.

You don’t necessarily have to tell a private story about yourself, but tell them something about how you felt when you got in touch with that subject for the very first time, or how you have applied it in your life so far.

But just how well are schools actually equipping students to become functional members of society?

While few could question the value of reading, writing, and arithmetic, is this really everything we need to know?


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