Essay On Modern Education System

Essay On Modern Education System-6
The education which is taught in the schools today is the modern education.

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At that time this knowledge focused only on the skills required for survival.

The people who lived in jungles got the education from their ancestors who taught them how to hunt animals for their food, how to use animal skins for different purposes, how to make tools.

The traditional does not include written tests but it includes some oral tests which are not very formal.

Traditional education is very far from the use of science and technology.

In the early history of our country, there was a time where there were no schools.

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The children acquired the education or knowledge from their ancestors.They were taught about their rituals or the customs they followed. They taught them the stories of their gods and kings from which they could learn good morals.We can say that there was no proper system of education at that time.But slowly and gradually, the modern education was accepted by all the people.And today modern education has reached new heights.People thought that the modern education was not good for their children as they did not teach about the religions or traditions and customs.So the modern education did not reach all the children.Traditional Education is also called customary education or conventional education.The main motive of traditional education is to pass on the values, manners skills and the social practice to the next generation which is necessary for their survival.As the democratic government was established in the coming years, the importance of education spread throughout the country. Then the time came when these technologies and theories were being widely used in day to day life.Schools were opened where any kind of students could come and learn. This was also the time when science and technology were starting to grow more. The new theories of mathematics were formulated which became important to be taught to the children, the education curriculum started including these theories in them. And this was how the modern education came into existence.


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