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Yet, the US has only lost approximately 30 percent of its original forest area, and most of this in the nineteenth century. First, population pressure has never been as great in this country as in Europe.

Second, the explosion of US farmland, when it doubled from 1880 to 1920, happened almost without affecting the total forest area as most was converted from grasslands.

When thinking about plagiarism, it is hard to avoid talking about ideas as if they were objects like tables and chairs. You should not feel that you are under pressure to invent completely new ideas.

Instead, original writing consists of thinking through ideas and expressing them in your own way.

Beyond that, a reader might wonder why you chose to use a quote here instead of paraphrase this passage, which as a whole is not very quotable, especially with the odd reference to Europe.

Using exact quotes should be reserved for situations where the original author has stated the idea in a better way than any paraphrase you might come up with.When they do so in identifiable and specific ways, give them the credit they deserve.The following examples should clarify the difference between dishonest and proper uses of sources.Plagiarizing by Paraphrase In the following case, the exact ideas in the source are followed very closely-too closely-simply by substituting your own words and sentences for those of the original.The ideas in the right column appear to be original. Properly used, paraphrase is a valuable rhetorical technique.Obviously, they are just Lomborg's ideas presented in different words without any acknowledgement. You should use it to simplify or summarize so that others' ideas or information, properly attributed in the introduction and documented in a parenthetical citation, may be woven into the pattern of your own ideas.Plagiarism can be avoided easily here by introducing the paraphrased section with an attribution to Lomborg and then following up with a parenthetical citation. You should not use paraphrase simply to avoid quotation; you should use it to express another's important ideas in your own words when those ideas are not expressed in a way that is useful to quote directly.The doubling of US farmland from 1880 to 1920 happened almost without affecting the total forest area as most was converted from grasslands.From Bjorn Lomborg, The Skeptical Environmentalist Word-for-Word Plagiarizing In the following example, the writer tacks on a new opening part of the first sentence in the hope that the reader won't notice that the rest of the paragraph is simply copied from the source. Despite the outcry from environmentalist groups like Earth First!The Source The US has only lost approximately 30 percent of its original forest area, most of this in the nineteenth century.The loss has not been higher mainly because population pressure has never been as great there as in Europe.


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