Essay On Political Crisis In Nepal

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Such is further compounded by unfulfilled promises of justice to those who suffered in the civil war.

The new government has committed to changing transitional justice law but as of 2017, has yet to come up with anything concrete.

However, the Government of Nepal ensured a smooth transition from violence to democratic politics by holding local elections 2017.

This is a landmark beginning in the process of implementing a new constitution promulgated in September 2015, which is, indeed, a product of negotiation and compromises between the ideologically different political power groups.

We thank Yale University's Department of Anthropology for hosting the year-long graduate seminar in 2013–2014 out of which this article emerged, and K. Within our five-author collective, we acknowledge the following organizations that supported elements of our individual scholarship during the review and writing period: the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship; the Fulbright Commission in Nepal; the National Science Foundation; the Wenner-Gren Foundation; the Department of Anthropology, the Institute of Asian Research, and the Hampton Research Fund at the University of British Columbia; and the following units at Yale University: Department of Anthropology, Department of Sociology, Mac Millan Center for International and Area Studies, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, South Asian Studies Council, and Yale Himalaya Initiative.

We thank the many friends and colleagues who have shaped our thinking and writing over time, and the family members who have supported our work.

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While the nation was waking up from the violent past and embarking towards democratic politics through promulgating a new constitution and holding of elections, it suffered tremendously through natural calamities.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake and a series of aftershocks in 2015 resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and caused severe infrastructure damage across Nepal.


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