Essay On Safety At School

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School bus drivers are also screened and required to undergo special training that involve ensuring their young passengers’ safety and security, first aid and medical procedures, road safety, and other important concerns.

They are also required to undergo testing for drug and alcohol consumption as well as driving record checks.

Wash hands before and after going to the toilets 5. Follow all the safety precaution when enter the science laboratory or any other rooms. Dirty the classroom –never sweep the floor or clean the board 2. Run up and down the stairs - run along the corridor 6.

Actually,they are several steps that should be followed to keep the school clean,hygienic and safe.

Nevertheless, having a child ride a school bus is still a safer proposition than having them take their chances with public transport.

As the president of Cleanliness, Health and Safety Club, you are asked to write an article for the school magazine about what students should do and should not do at school in order to keep the school clean, hygienic and safe. Many students and teachers were questioning themselves how to keep the school clean,hygienic and safe.

Keeping the classroom clean is every student's responsibilities.

Every student should play their role by cleaning the classroom according to the roster.

It allows them to build friendships outside of the classroom.

Riding a school bus will ensure that a student will not be late for school and does not have to worry about how to get home.


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