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Since he soon aged, it became necessary t find a new "Receiver" to whom these memories could be transmitted.In the novel the main character, Jonas, started off as an eleven-year-old boy that lived his entire life in sameness, which wasn't very different from anyone else his age in the community. Jonas was born by a birthmother, named by a committee and then assigned to his father and mother.

No person could see color, feel neither hatred nor love; no one had a choice in either occupation or education.

Only one person knew about life as we know it society today.

In the community, that person was known as the "Receiver"; the one and only person in the entire community that had any memory of the past; love, war, peace, family, work etc.

At the ceremony of twelve, all children were given their occupation and began training immediately.

This was the day that Jonas was chosen to be the new "Receiver".


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