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Who would have ever imagined that it is indeed possible to fly like a bird and traverse different parts of the globe.I am sure that the Wright brothers were reviled when they first came up with this idea of developing an aeroplane.

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Some more development would have perhaps bumped this essay to a ‘4.5’.

But without any analysis, and by failing to take into account the other side, this essay gets only a ‘4.’Finally, the language is sometimes fluffy and orotund (“I can recall the example of Galileo”, “nothing short of marvelous.”).

I was often the only African American at a swim competition, and our team could not afford anything close to the great uniforms the other teams were wearing.

Worst of all though, and my number-one reason for wanting to quit, was that I kept receiving “Honorable Mentions” at each competition, which simply means, “Thank you for coming.

If you want, have a look at the prompt first and try your hand at the essay, and see how yours stacks up.

Check out my past commentary: Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take.

People who see their ideas through, however unpragmatic it may be considered by others are the ones who have truly made a difference.

History is replete with examples of people who were perceived as crazy, illogical and even insane by laymen, yet when their ideas were sedulously worked upon, by the creator , day after day, combined with long hours of toil, the result was nothing, short of marvelous.

Lets’s take the example of the Indian freedom struggle fought by Gandhiji on the basis of Satyagraha.

It was very difficult for the Britishers to assume that India would be freed one day under the leadership of a loin cloth covered ordinary looking man without the use of weapons or bloodshed.


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