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Poe's short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a story about a young man who kills an old man who cares for him, dismembers the corpse, then goes mad when he thinks he hears the old man's heart beating beneath the floor boards under his feet as he sits and discusses the old man's absence with the police.The introductory paragraph includes a paraphrase of something said by a famous person in order to get the reader's attention.

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This hook also leads into the last, or concluding, paragraph.

This paragraph should include the following: Stephen King, creator of such stories as Carrie and Pet Sematary, stated that the Edgar Allan Poe stories he read as a child gave him the inspiration and instruction he needed to become the writer that he is.

Transitions help to make a piece of writing flow better.

They can turn disconnected pieces of ideas into a unified whole, and prevent a reader from getting lost in the storyline.

This first sentence also lets the reader know that this paragraph will deal with descriptions of people: ".

Essay Writing Transition Paragraph

Transitions are words and phrases that provide a connection between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs.

Since the goal of a writer is to convey information clearly and concisely, transitions help achieve that aim by providing a logical connection between one or more sections of a piece of writing.

Transitions usually work best when used to link one paragraph to the next, and are usually found at the beginning of the paragraph, although they can be used anywhere when needed.

The last sentence of the paragraph uses the words "manipulation" and "senses" as transitional hooks.

In "The Tell-Tale Heart," Poe uses the following image to describe a static scene: "His room was as black as pitch with the thick darkness . ." Poe used the words "black," "pitch," and "thick darkness" not only to show the reader the condition of the old man's room, but also to make the reader feel the darkness." In the first sentence of the second paragraph (first paragraph of the body) the words "sense" and "manipulation" are used to hook into the end of the introductory paragraph.


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