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”Many of my videos cover the fundamentals of storytelling, but they're not all going to be about technique.Becoming a writer is so much more than learning how to write plot twists, so I want to encourage us to adopt a kind of "creative mindset" that will lead both of us toward artistic fulfillment.The partners who put together the famous You Tube channel Every Frame a Painting did this consistently: “Tony and I do something quite old-fashioned.

It’s this extra level of creativity that can make video essays much more fun to design and produce, as you can create something that you feel reflects your interests and the style you are most comfortable with.

But perhaps the way that it is most different is that you don’t have to follow as stringent a structure…there is more creativity, because you’re creating a film.

Thank you for teaching me how to write basic essays.

This has been one of my most important goals for years.

These videos take approximately 80 hours to research, write, record, and edit. My background is in English Literature, so this channel is partially about introducing the world to literary concepts that haven't left the lecture halls. Should we reach the goals I've set out to reach with this account, I'll be able to continue creating and educating indefinitely.

With your support, I can devote more time to the production of these videos and improve their quality, both visually and in the depth of their ideas.

Then we rewrite, re-arrange, and try them out in a number of different combinations until we figure out the tightest, strongest through-line for the argument.” (See here for a picture of the cards they used.) How video essays are different from written essays The obvious ways that a video essay is different from a written one is that you will need to consider all of the different production elements that you are using in your essay.

As Eric Faden says, you will need to consider “image, voice, pacing, text, sound, music, montage, rhythm, etc.” What is important to remember is that your use of all of these techniques should be appropriate for the tone of video essay that you are hoping to create.

It's about revealing a new way of watching films to those who love to watch them, a way that can offer more enjoyment, more understanding, and more appreciation for the art form.

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