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” Between them have certain relation, interact and support each other in their life. Each household and each people have various pet’s hobby. They are divided into different categories such as: useful animals and pets in house.The useful animal helps their owners some jobs, for example: the dog prevents robbery for the house owners by barking at a stranger or the passers-by, People do not like the furniture gnawing of mice. As Hansen said that, when Justin Becker was at the Staten Island’s apartment, a thief tried to break into his apartment.

Besides, people should think really carefully and find information about lifestyle before decide to buy a pet.

Because pets will associate and require owners to spend more time understanding and taking care them.

When people finished working, they can take care and play with pets.

For log times, it would become a habit in order to relax after working.

Many experts now claim that there are many benefits to owning a pet or living on a farm environment, especially for young children.

Studies have shown that children that interact with animals regularly have higher resistances to diseases and allergies promoting an overall, healthier existence.The dog came at the robber and was shot instead of their owner and make the burglar ran away.(Hansen, 2012) Moreover, kind of pets, which make people feel comfortable after long working hours are birds, rabbits, hamsters, fishes, dogs and cats.This is possibly one of the worse practices to evolve as a result of human interaction with animals and many governments try very hard to curb these activities.Animals deserve to be treated better, it is obvious that they have feelings and this should not be ignored.If people want their pets are always healthy, according to Care Sheets (n.d), owners have to pay attention about food, food preferences and diets of each pet.Apart from the effects on your immune systems, animals can also possess therapeutic value to many people.There are clinics that utilize pet therapy for certain patients and many report high rates of success.This comes in two groups, patients suffering from chronic disease like heart and cancer conditions are better able to cope with their situation when they have a pet companion.Pets also provide lots of enjoyment and comfort for persons in nursing homes.


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