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Now the lighting folks are hearing this whistle off in the distance and worrying that, since they don’t know where the train was headed, they may be run over.” One way the lighting industry is responding to the “runaway train” is making LED light fittings act as direct replacements for existing light sources.I believe this is setting up LEDs to fail – not in a technical sense but in an aesthetic and functional sense. Over the past few years we have only stayed in a couple of hotel suites that are truly luxurious (the result of a fortuitous upgrade rather than a sudden influx of wealth! Whilst the furnishings, layout and other appointments were both upscale the bathroom experience in both was quite different and mainly to do with light.

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But the positives for LEDs are compelling: LEDs are radically reducing electricity consumption, especially compared to the incandescent lamp in which 95 percent of the electrical input was wasted in dissipated heat. How warm and comforting the light, how good the colour rendering and how iconic the sculptural shape of the bulb.

It is easy to design with incandescent lamps – the designer can work magic with shapes and materials without having to worry about mediating the light.

Even the abundance of fancy taps and expensive tiling (all lit with dazzling overbright artificial lighting) could help or relieve the feeling of a literal and metaphorical cave.

Lying in the bath with glare inducing overhead lighting was not a luxurious feeling.

LEDs are basically microchips with different layers of materials – when a current is applied, photons of light are emitted.

Essays About Lights

The light from LEDs is naturally saturated colour (red, green and – since 1996 – blue).

With it’s dynamic shifts through the day, pleasing colour temperature and CRI it feels right to us humans who have evolved with it over the millennium.

Our visual and circadian systems are attuned to its shifts.

The application side did not develop at the same rate.

Dr Jack Curran (an American speaker at the 2011 Lightfair conference in Las Vegas and an expert in the field) suggests that LEDs had been ignored by the lighting industry: “Since technology developments tend to speed up as time goes on, the lighting folks missed out on the initial developments and the LED train pulled out of the station without them.


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