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Yet even as the televised proceedings shocked and galvanized viewers not only in this country but the world over, they cast a long shadow on essential issues that define America. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., Claudia Brodsky Lacour, Wahneema Lubiano, Manning Marable, Nellie Y. I remember Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas and I remember the confirmation hearing being televised.

In Race-ing Justice, En-gendering Power, Toni Morrison contributes an introduction and brings together eighteen provocative essays, all but one written especially for this book, by prominent and distinguished academicians—black and white, male and female. Mc Kay, Toni Morrison, Nell Irvin Painter, Gayle Pemberton, Andrew Ross, Christine Stansell, Carol M. I was very young and in the military at the time so I had no real understanding of all of the politics and culture wars taking place in the chamber.

I picked up this book shortly after the inauguration to hopefully gain some insight from history, and I was not disappointed on that front.

It was hard to read Toni Morrison say that only a black man could get away with sexual assault incrimination and still attain such a high office, and then compare that to where we are today-- and to think, he may get to appoint several Supreme Court Justices-- and it was hard to read and know that the man described in all these powerful essays is still alive I picked up this book shortly after the inauguration to hopefully gain some insight from history, and I was not disappointed on that front.

There were essays about the mood of the country during these hearings.

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Cornell West wrote an essay about what he felt was the misguided and terrible behavior of the black leadership during that period.But as this book reminded me, there are always countless agendas at play.These essays were written fairly soon after Thomas's confirmation to the Supreme Court.These writings powerfully elucidate not only the racial and sexual but also the historical, political, cultural, legal, psychological, and linguistic aspects of a signal and revelatory moment in American history. Fast forward 23 years and this book is so very relevant.Especially after the recent death of Justice Scalia and the Senate Leader's response.The essays in this volume are powerful, but some have more enlightening things to say than others.It can be hard powering through it the way one might read other anthologies, but particular essays within the collection make it where I cannot feel comfortable giving the overall work anything less than 4 stars.The authors had no idea what kind of Justice he would become.This collection of 18 essays covered a variety of angles of the confirmation hearing, including the treatment of the nominee and of Anita Hill.Racial politics abounded as well with African American groups unsure of whether to support Thomas simply because he was African American.And also about the cynical decision to nominate Thomas in a successful attempt to conflate loyalties of groups that would normally have been against the nominee on his merits (or lack thereof).


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