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Perhaps, she suggested, its appeal lies in its very mutability—in the fact that it is expansive enough to allow each of us to draw inspiration from it in our own way: No single individual …

and no single group has an exclusive claim to the American dream.

It is also the source of our sturdy independence, our valuation of character as the final estimate.” writers have pointed out another unique feature of American Nationalism.

Unlike the deep-seated tribal loyalties found across Europe, American patriotism is an artificial construct.

contributors addressed, too, the inevitable conflicts that emerge when American realities fall short of American ideals.

In his 1988 article “The Return of Inequality,” Thomas Byrne Edsall warned that the country’s growing gulf between the affluent and middle classes was anathema to the American Dream.

“Its manifestations are subtle: marginally frustrated hopes, a mocking disparity between the good life available to the few and the life that many settle for—resignation, guilt, social helplessness.” This inequality, he argued, also undermined the conviction that “Egalitarianism has been the Democratic answer to Marxism.” Ultimately, Eleanor Roosevelt may have summarized America’s uniqueness in the most compelling words.

In her Cold War-era essay “What Has Happened to the American Dream?

Bad living conditions in Europe and the hope for better living standards in America attracted more and more settlers to migrate to the new world.

The booming US industry during the first half of the 20th century caused the myth s role of the American dream is a matter of discussion.


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