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Queen Cleopatra’s life and influence will remain permanently in the area of art history and women’s leadership in Roman Empire and her influence as spread to some parts of the world (Harrella, 2011).Cleopatra possessed different royal and feminine influence all over the Ptolemaic era that embraced society, invasions, authority, women, leadership, and role modelling.She portrayed several excellent characteristics of a role model that embraced, but not limited to, her objective, aptitude, personality, and royalty.

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Cleopatra is recognized by most historians as the last Pharaoh of Egypt and started her journey to the throne after her elder sisters and father died.

Her father was much hated all over Egypt and he went to Rome for exile many years before his death.

Cleopatra is certainly one of the successful and respected queens in the history of ancient Egypt since she brought huge influence on the society, governance, politics, and even on women.

Her romantic stories and death are always celebrated throughout Egypt and she governed Egypt and created it relatively influential during her regime.

She planned to be covered inside a carpet that was intended to be delivered to Julius Caesar.

When the carpet was unwrapped, she came out and directly charmed him and during the same day, Caesar was seduced by Cleopatra, although he was married.

It is obvious that Cleopatra was a relatively role model for all women during the Ptolemaic era and even in this generation.

Cleopatra also portrayed special characteristics that were respected and inspired traits of the position of women in the community of which included promoting schooling, independence, and hierarchy position of women during the Ptolemaic dynasty and in the current world.

Additionally, she further inspired different interests in the society and strong impact remained in art history.

Cleopatra played a great part in the production of a new art culture and practices.


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