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Do images of our prison and criminal justice systems inform or mislead debate?Over the past 40 years, we’ve voted time-and-time-again for harsher laws … Our tax-dollars have built thousands of new jails and prisons, but how much do we know about what goes on inside? I wanted to take the opportunity, this March, to reflect back on Vantage’s best visual stories and photo essays about policing, incarceration and crime.In the past 12 years, several new studies found that increases in the prevalence of gun ownership are associated with increases in violent crime.

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Q: “How would you have liked me to take photo differently and why? ” A: “I would like it if maybe they’d let me comb my hair, instead of looking like a real hard core junkie here.They do it to get high, I do it to help with some pain issues I have.I don’t want people thinking, ‘You know, these guys are going in there taking our tax dollars and doing heroin and getting high, look at them.Smith gives a few pats to “Fat Albert’s” head and then holds out “Thumper” as visitors pet the his soft fur.Photo: Kim Raff Brandon Tauszik’s survey of one year of homicides in Oakland, California, continues to be a poignant reflection on crime — that which takes lives and tears at communities.I reflected on some maddened drawings by Ernest Jerome De France from within the belly of the California prison system.“It is important for photography and photojournalism to be a component of the kind of work we’re trying to do […] We don’t really know what prisons and jails look like.We don’t know what the people inside them look like.rom a personal and professional standpoint, the decision by Medium’s head honchos to initiate a two-week-long conversation about prisons and policing earlier this month, was encouraging.As some of you may know, long before I began as editor of Vantage, I built a reputation as blogger focused on the imagery of prisons. For years, I’ve wanted to suss out which images are A) most useful to incarcerated people, and B) most reliable for people outside of the prison system.Content-wise, it’s a long, but rich and rewarding list.Let’s begin with a three-parter, commissioned by Medium and produced by Everyday Incarceration and Vantage.


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