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To begin with, it is apparent that historical texts show a distorted view of women by portraying them unfairly and inaccurately and neglecting to mention important female figures, instead opting to describe their sometimes less influential male counterparts.Elementary and secondary school textbooks are also guilty of gender bias.

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When girls are present in texts, they are almost always younger than the boys they are interacting with, which thus makes them foils for the boys’ greater experience and knowledge– a situation commonly referred to as the ‘ninny sister syndrome.’ Girls are shown to be far more passive than are boys and to engage in fewer activities. 8)One study found sixty-five stories that openly belittled girls (two were found that belittled boys).

In fact, sometimes grown women are portrayed who rely on small boys (often their young sons) to help them out of difficulty. Another study pointed out an instance where Mark, of the Harper & Row ‘Mark and Janet’ series, states: ‘Just look at her. She gives up.’ Male characters said, in another story, ‘We much prefer to work with men.’ This type of material on the treatment of girls would seem to have little social or educational value, and its widespread use is difficult to understand.

This paper will examine the inequalities in policy, actual teaching situations, admission to post-secondary institutions, hiring, and job benefits and wages.

It will also tackle what is being done to solve this problem and what can be done to remedy the situation.

In elementary and secondary school textbooks, sexism takes many forms.

Boys predominate in stories for children; they outnumber girls 5 to 2.

Textbooks are one of the most important tools used in educating students whether they are elementary school storybooks or university medical textbooks.

It is therefore no surprise that these books are some of the most crucial information sources that a student has throughout their schooling.

“Offered to the pupils as free choice, such selections are self-perpetuating, leading to the expected choices and amplifying any differences there may have been in attitudes.” (Marland 1983, p.

152) The reason for this could be that society, through the media and other modes of communication, has pre-conceived notions as to what issues are “male”, “female”, or unisex.


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