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The biggest challenge towards moving to a safer health system is changing the culture of blaming health professionals for errors to one in which these errors are treated, not as individual failures, but as opportunities to prevent harm and improve the system (Guldenmund, 2000).Harm occurs if a patient’s quality of life or health is negatively affected by any element of their interaction with health care (Institute of Medicine.1999).A few nurses who are ready to assist people for many reasons and shortage of nurses are creating many impacts on patients as well as the healthcare industry.

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When one considers the current situation, it can be said that the public misunderstanding of exactly what nurses do has mainly caused the shortage.

In most cases, the public holds take the duties that nurses perform for granted, giving more importance to doctors than to nurses.

in the attractiveness of the nursing profession and reduced the stress on nursing professionals are taken on an urgent basis (Buerhas, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman & Dittus, 2005).

Background: The nursing shortage in the United States of America is a matter of serious concern, for according to Shirey, 2006, the United States of America is in the midst of one of the most crippling nursing shortages in its history, with the projections of this shortfall in nursing to rise to twenty percent of the demand for nursing professionals by 2020, which in sheer numbers means that there will be a shortfall of as many as 800,000 registered nurses, which is a staggering figure.

“Change Project Proposal: Nursing Shortage In ICU And How It Causes Essay”, n.d. ..only to save the lives of their patients, but also for improving their outcomes.This would be as a result of patient safety incident, which is any healthcare related event that is unexpected, unintended, and undesired and which could have or did harm the patients.It is, therefore, upon the NHS to ensure high standards: safe clinical care should be maintained and made sure it is in line with the current technology.The time for taking care of patients’ safety becomes scarce, and complications sometime go undetected.The high workload and stress compounding on the problem of nurses shortage also affect the nurses’ health.Arguably, researchers ought to investigate and find out the effectiveness of patient’s safety in the health care system.This, in essence, can help ascertain the measures that can improve the conditions if need.If was not the alarm activated by one of the friends of the affected patient, she would have passed away.Arguably, there were no grave consequences reaped on this incident; however, one thing that is clear is that medication safety is up stake in many of the health care systems.According to the department of health, patient safety needs to be prioritized, as far as health care system is concerned.The resulting patient safety management knowledge continually heightens improvement efforts to better patients’ welfare such as applying lessons learned from industry and business, educating consumers and providers, adopting innovative technologies, enhancing the error and the reporting systems, and finally developing new economic incentives (Fleming, 2000).


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