Essays On Television A Boon Or A Curse

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V.), the more we distance ourselves from people and things which ought to matter to us more which eventually results in isolation.Television, in conclusion is a paradox and no judgment- good or bad, would be fair enough to weigh its impact on our society and psyche. It takes us to places where we are actually not and takes us away from places where we actually are. Vogue photo shoot in India- Poor people dressed in obscenely expensive clothes!Though much cheered yet it seems that globalization seems to create a strange environment that provides costly outfits but no food.

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Television is a resource that can be used to educate and entertain people of different ages.

It is the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and ideas. It broadcasts news, music, interviews of famous people, different programs, and a variety of other things.

In addition to the threat of violence setting among children and young adolescents, media has impact on young people through the images and popularization of sex and drug use.

Besides violence scenes, there is an abundant language referencing sex, sexual insinuation and sexual behavior reflected through both cable television and Internet.

Although television has given us all these boons and facilities but we should also be aware of the banes. Some students neglect their studies because of television.

Watching too much television can be injurious to our eyes and health.Television has also done a great job in the field of education.There are many quiz shows on television which increase the knowledge of students.Children of all ages are exposed to things that their earlier day's counterparts had not even heard of.All kind of people from all walks of life have an access to everything under the sun.Although it is commendable to be aware of what is happening on our planet, it does not make our neighborhood problems or our loved ones' sorrows any less important.Joshua aptly sums up the scenario in a single statement- "the more we rely on our video window, the less relation there is between where we are and what we know and experience, the less there's a relationship between where we are and who we are".The international arena created by television and the media is hard to pull away from because it has subtly but firmly integrated into our being.Although this sense of awareness does broaden our horizons and cultivates a different kind of thought process, it also affects our interaction and identification with our society as well as our roles in our families.Schools often use television as a way of educating students as on television they can express many things that cannot be done in the classroom.The people who are ill or who are disabled to go out can pass their time by watching television.


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