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The theme prejudice is significant in the films because it is a premature judgement and is a conflicting attitude towards people or groups in society.This connection can affect a person’s behaviour and approach that can potentially lead to discrimination to others.

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The shot is used to show that whites are superior to African-Americans in society and that they are almost powerless.

This film is important because it promotes equally and accepting treatment of all ethnic groups.

This film shows that not only whites are prejudiced, but minorities have prejudiced toward others and towards their own race.

A key example of racial prejudice is shown through Officer John Ryan who is prejudiced against blacks. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other just so we can feel something.

Although Officer Ryan is the main antagonist, he is the character that changes the most, risking his life in an effort to save the life black woman he sexually harassed. “This quote shows that every person needs to have physical contact with another person in society.

Paul Haggis portrays that Ryan is guilty of racial discrimination. In the setting of the film (Los Angeles) is portraying it is a busy city where nobody takes time to notice anyone, so people feel isolated.Derek says “I do not respect anyone who lets these monkeys in the streets” he is discriminating monkeys that are referred to like blacks. This film is important because it sends a message to the viewer that racism can be turned around and forgotten about.He believes that Police do not have the privilege to let African-Americans into societies because they only cause crime. The film shows a never ending cycle of Prejudice as Danny is shot by an African-American due to his social views on ethnic groups.This aspect reveals that he shows discrimination to all blacks. The second film that shows Prejudice is ‘The Help’ directed by Tate Taylor; this is based in the 1960’s in Mississippi with signs of social division favouring the white ethnic groups.The film shows legal segregation and financial struggles of African-American people with limited employment opportunities.The film is relevant because the cycle needs to stop in society in order to respect everyone; everyone deserves to be treated equally because we are all the same.Finally the fourth film that shows Prejudice is ‘Gran Torino’ directed by Gran Torino.The third film that shows Prejudice is ‘American History X’ directed by Tony Kaye, conveying racial discrimination, equality and stereotyping.The film revolves around the main character Derek Vinyard who prejudices racial, ethnic groups due to blacks that murdered his father.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.


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