Ethical Decision Making Essay

This paper will also discuss the elements of an ethically defensible decision.This paper will conclude with comments on ethics in computer technology and today's ethics scandals.

In this position, the only rational choice would be what is fair, because a person who knows nothing about themselves would make a decision that isn’t based on personal gains.

Rowls’ beliefs follow closely with Immanuel Kant’s idea of the Liberty Principle, which is at least a universal minimum respect for all.

This can be a challenge as there are often many forces of influence involved, ambiguous circumstances or details, and different stakeholder groups with different takes on morality.

Companies often develop a set of universal values similar to a mission statement to address ethical questions.

He said moral decisions must be freely chosen for them to be taken seriously by the person who is making the moral decision. Denhardt explained in “Unearthing the Moral Foundations of Public Administration: Honor, Benevolence, and Justice,” where rules aren’t “clearly applicable, the person with an underdeveloped understanding of general moral principles and underdeveloped capacities of discernment and judgment will be unable to make a good decision,” (Denhardt, 1991).

This idea will help managers guide employees who might not have their own moral standards to better understand the reason the change is being made.

In applying the Liberty Principle also to the workers – which would make them a part of the decision-making process – a company can more easily implement a decision in an ethical manner.

A general way to implement a decision effectively in this way is by creating an ethical culture.

This "values statement" would be above and beyond a company's policies and procedures.

For example, the Ethics Resource Center (1996) was asked, "to develop and integrate a practical ethics program into the daily operations of a large organization." The Ethics Resource Center (1996) developed a simple acronym of ethics filters to be used on decisions.


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