Evaluating Papers That Describe Qualitative Research

Evaluating Papers That Describe Qualitative Research-13
Most qualitative studies use , a conscious selection of a small number of data sources that meet particular criteria.

Most qualitative studies use , a conscious selection of a small number of data sources that meet particular criteria.

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Despite this controversy, and while recognising that criteria will continue to evolve, we provide a set of guidelines to help nurses identify methodologically sound qualitative research studies that can inform their practice.

Our standard approach to appraising an article from the healthcare literature is readily applicable (table, or whether the research reflects best standards of qualitative science, is described in terms of rigour, credibility, trustworthiness, and believability.

(2007) "Step by Step Guide to Critiquing Research: Part 2, Qualitative Research." , Volume 19, Issue 6, 1 December 2007, Pages 349–357, https://doi.org/10.1093/intqhc/mzm042 The criteria included in COREQ, a 32-item checklist, can help researchers to report important aspects of the research team, study methods, context of the study, findings, analysis and interpretations.

Items most frequently included in the checklists related to sampling method, setting for data collection, method of data collection, respondent validation of findings, method of recording data, description of the derivation of themes and inclusion of supporting quotations.

In a recent team meeting of your unit’s providers, the topic of “appropriate” treatment choices for patients at end of life comes up.

Some providers believe that they should counsel patients and family members to “help them make better end of life decisions so that they will have a good death.” There is, however, no consensus about how this should be done.. In the field “word(s) anywhere in article” you type in “end of life” (in quotations because you are looking for articles that include all 3 words together) and “decision”. The first is an abstract entitled “Providers tried to help patients and families make end of life decisions”.

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Qualitative approaches arise from specific disciplines and are influenced by theoretical perspectives within those disciplines.

A critical analysis of a qualitative study considers the “fit” of the research question with the qualitative method used in the study.


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