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The exposure time was about eight hours, during which the sun moved from east to west so that it appears to shine on both sides of the building.heliographic process, yet all his other attempts, whether made by using a camera or by means of engravings, were underexposed and too weak to be etched.

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He demonstrated the fact by using sunlight to record words on the salts, but he made no attempt to preserve the images permanently.

His discovery, in combination with the camera obscura, provided the basic technology necessary for photography.

In the early part of its history, photography was sometimes belittled as a mechanical art because of its dependence on technology.

In truth, however, photography is not the automatic process that is implied by the use of a camera.

Not artistically trained, Niépce devised a method by which light could draw the pictures he needed.

He oiled an engraving to make it transparent and then placed it on a plate coated with a light-sensitive solution of bitumen of Judea (a type of asphalt) and lavender oil and exposed the setup to sunlight.

The principle was probably known to the Chinese and to ancient Greeks such as Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago.

Late in the 16th century, the Italian scientist and writer Giambattista della Porta demonstrated and described in detail the use of a camera obscura with a lens.

With the new age came a slightly different definition of photography – certain categories derived from mixing two or more genres into one.

That is how, for example, the work of Pieter Hugo could not fit into only one category, so “conceptual documentary” was born.


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