Examples Of Qualitative Research Proposals

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However, try to place your research question in the context of either a current "hot" area, or an older area that remains viable.

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If the research problem is framed in the context of a general, rambling literature review, then the research question may appear trivial and uninteresting.

However, if the same question is placed in the context of a very focused and current research area, its significance will become evident.

Introduction: The main purpose of the introduction is to provide the necessary background or context for your research problem.

How to frame the research problem is perhaps the biggest problem in proposal writing.

Therefore, it pays if your writing is coherent, clear and compelling. An effective title not only pricks the reader's interest, but also predisposes him/her favourably towards the proposal.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Essay - Examples Of Qualitative Research Proposals

This paper focuses on proposal writing rather than on the development of research ideas. Abstract: It is a brief summary of approximately 300 words.A research proposal is intended to convince others that you have a worthwhile research project and that you have the competence and the work-plan to complete it.Generally, a research proposal should contain all the key elements involved in the research process and include sufficient information for the readers to evaluate the proposed study.Regardless of your research area and the methodology you choose, all research proposals must address the following questions: What you plan to accomplish, why you want to do it and how you are going to do it.The proposal should have sufficient information to convince your readers that you have an important research idea, that you have a good grasp of the relevant literature and the major issues, and that your methodology is sound.Some even argue that a good proposal should contain sufficient details for another qualified researcher to implement the study.You need to demonstrate your knowledge of alternative methods and make the case that your approach is the most appropriate and most valid way to address your research question.Most students and beginning researchers do not fully understand what a research proposal means, nor do they understand its importance.To put it bluntly, one's research is only as a good as one's proposal.In short, try to paint your research question in broad brushes and at the same time bring out its significance.The introduction typically begins with a general statement of the problem area, with a focus on a specific research problem, to be followed by the rational or justification for the proposed study.


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