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We believe this relates to the zeitgeist of ‘fashionable teens’, by having our character wear stylish apparels assists with the intended stereotype creating a much more enthralling film.

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One feature that we focused very well is the build up to tense moments, they shrewdly led the jump-scare to have farther emphasis, so that they’re apparent to the audience.

This may involve including more of these types of scenes for addition relevance or we could add some tense music over scenes if we haven't got time.

We wanted him to be a outcast of society, someone who is alienated by society for his mental flaws, we contrasted his isolation from the world through the darkness surrounding him, the fact the intro music is the only sound played to express his loneliness.films classed as a thriller the film’s genre is popular amongst them.

Our main task is particularly representing to the zeitgeist social group of fashionable trends who are also outgoing and like a mystery packed with doubt.

A shocking story in a thriller film is an effective aspect in gripping audiences to a lot of social issues and true stories, the actors try to capture the unfortunate roles that ordinary people endure through.

We believe the character we created fits well in our thriller; our target audience would be incredibly sympathetic of his mental illness.I believe the film will venture into a prominent position if it is released as a general Internet release on popular sharing-based websites such as You Tube and Facebook.I could go the extra mile and try to get into contact with media companies, and see if there is possible support for my film.It raises awareness and tries to represent this social group of challenging adolescence.The film highlights the character's challenge of overcoming great evil that corrupts his mind, as we witness in the entire film that his face is showing his internal suffering.In terms of shots, establishing shots and long shots displaying the setting is a key feature in introducing atmospheric tones to the audience to endeavour further on; the audience will think about what they can expect from the film's characters, how they act and communicate with others, and a starter for building the plot based on the details of the scenery.As an example, my film has a long shot of the location the main character is situated.The main task is among lots of low budget productions made by ambitious directors, This may be the case that our film has reasonable chance with these big studios want to acquire original ideas and they take on board many independent films that have a huge potential for a much wider audience.Paranormal Activity is an example of an Independent film acquired by Paramount Pictures, which eventually got a worldwide response.The dark night around the light exemplifies how he is scared and so he looks out for danger In terms of the tweaks being used to construct the film, the titles we used is a simple silver font suggesting mystery and bizarreness, the silver fits well with the modern setting of the film.We didn't want to distract the audience from the story so we kept the text very light in shots of importance so that the elements presented in the film flowed better.


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