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Keep these factors in mind as we explore each floor plan option in detail.A grid floor plan, also called a straight layout, is a very efficient use of both floor and wall space.

A free-flow retail store layout is the favorite of many specialty retailers because it allows maximum creativity and is easily changed and updated. Fixtures and displays are placed at angles to encourage shoppers to slow down and explore highlighted product groupings at every turn.

A free-flow store layout creates open sight lines throughout the store, so specialty displays and power walls, which we discuss in detail below, are highly visible.

However, it’s not ideal for retailers who want to create an upscale, branded environment that invites relaxed browsing.

A loop floor plan, sometimes called a racetrack layout, creates the most guided shopping experience of the three.

, heading to the water cooler at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company from The Office, ordering a pint at Moe’s Tavern from The Simpson’s or Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — or meeting up with friends for a cuppa (and the latest goss) at The Central Perk. Design by email that they were inspired to fully flesh out the floor plans of favorite shows to see how all the rooms would fit together in reality — and fill in holes or question marks never fully covered onscreen.

“We wanted to pick businesses that everyone would know and love but that also had a bit of mystery behind them.However you design it, a loop floor plan surrounds customers with product displays on outer walls, and allows for all types of creative display variations in the center of the store.A loop floor plan works well for most types of small retail stores, such as apparel and accessories, toy, homewares, kitchenwares, personal care, and specialty products.This makes it easy to funnel customers toward specific merchandise zones using eye-catching accent colors and product groupings.The open look of a free-flow layout is ideal for all types of boutiques and upscale stores.It also works well for stores with smaller inventories, since it’s designed to highlight product groupings rather than store goods in order to flourish. If your store is filled with the latest and greatest products, but your sales are in a rut, it could be because your customers are bored.They come to your store not just to buy; they come for ideas and inspiration.Plus, they offer plenty of end cap and feature wall exposure for promotional items and seasonal products.Since grid layouts are used in most grocery, big box, and convenience stores, they create a familiar feel to customers.By setting a plan, retailers can strategically direct shoppers to high-priority products and drive impulse sales.An effective store layout also makes the space organized and easy to navigate, which is important for providing a good customer experience.


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