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For example, if you’re writing about vitamins and their impact on health, you unlikely will find arguments against vitamins. At the same time, make sure that it’s not too popular, because a good essay offers readers some new information.You may use both old sources which may give the more clear understanding of the basis, and new sources that include most relevant data.If you use citations, make sure that you write them according to a proper format.We suggest presenting your thesis statement at the end of the introduction. It may be a claim about how we should change something, or what are causes and effects of a certain issue, or a new view on how we define certain ideas and terms.We suggest avoiding writing a three-part thesis, even though such an approach is often recommended for beginners.At the same time, you have to convince readers to accept your point. You have to navigate your readers through all the details of the considered issue and get them to the logical, clear and simple conclusion.To make it right, you must understand all points and convince your readers to accept your point. Given that argumentative essay implies arguing in support of a certain view, your topic must be arguable.It consists of abrief overview of three claims that will be discussed further.This method limits you because you won’t be able to develop the message of the essay naturally.The first thing that requires your creativity skills is the title.Make your title catchy and interesting; let it prompt your readers what you’re going to talk about. It’s a backbone of your argumentative essay, since it sums up your thoughts on a topic.


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