Greek Gods And Goddesses Essay

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The painting is depicted from this scene of this myth, “Daphne was a nymph, who thoroughly enjoyed hunting.Apollo, the God of light, was struck by the God’s Eros (better known as Cupid) love arrows, and instantly fell in love on sight with Daphne.Portrait painting has also been impacted by the myths of the Greeks, with most paintings depicting a single scene of the plot.

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The representation of the love liaisons between gods and mortals in Greek and Roman myths removes the distinct line between the divine and mortal origin of heroes and changes the traditional interpretation of the concept of divinity as the voice of justice which is deprived of biases.

Another interpretation of relationships between the gods and the mortals is presented in Euripides’ play in which Artemis as the goddess of chastity rejects to protect her human lover Hippolytus.

“Since many aristocratic families and even entire cities traced their lineages to these heroes, this extensive list acts as a bridge between the Theogony and the world of Hesiod’s audience” (Trzaskoma 131).

Thus, looking for their forefathers in these lists, ancient Greeks and Romans rationalized the beliefs in their own divine origin.

On the one hand, it can be explained with the weakness of character of gods.

On the other hand, realizing their enormous power and lack of restraints, the divine creatures could be certain that they just could afford themselves violating the rules without fear of future punishment.


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