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Ancient Greek black-figure pottery (named after the colour of the depictions on the pottery) was first produced in Corinth c.700 BCE and then adopted by pottery painters in Attica, where it would become the dominant decorative style from 625 BCE and allow Athens to dominate the Mediterranean pottery market for the next 150 years.The main difference between these two paintings is the technique in which they were painted.

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These paintings are from the two different pieces of ancient Greek pottery.There was, however, some attempt at achieving perspective, frontal views of horses and chariots being especially popular.Typical vessels of the style are amphorae, Painters and potters were usually, although not always, separate specialists.The head of the Achilles is turned, but there are no signs of the twisting of the body or neck.The musculature of Achilles is depicted by basic curved lines incised into the black slip.The technique would eventually be replaced by the red-figure (reverse) technique around 530 BCE.The two styles were parallel for some time and there are even ‘bilingual’ examples of vases with both styles, but the red-figure, with its attempt to more realistically portray the human figure, would eventually become the favoured style of Greek pottery decoration.The possibilities for expression in the black figure style were limited because it is very hard to show the small details on the image, drawn using one black glaze.However, Exekias attains a perfection which almost surpasses the possible limits of expression in this technique.The human figures on the Exekias black figure amphora are rigid, angular and strictly two dimensional.They are depicted in full profile, with a frontal chest and profile legs.


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