Healthy Restaurant Business Plan

Include your logo (even if it’s not finalized), the date, and your name.For example, some health-conscious people prefer to eat local, organic, in-season produce and shop at co-ops and farmer's markets, so you could make your use of seasonal, regionally grown produce a selling point.Focus some of your menu design and marketing efforts on people who are trying to maintain or lose weight.According to "Consumer Reports," 38 percent of respondents to a 2010 survey claimed their diet was "very" or "extremely" healthy.To flesh out this basic list of the kinds of people who will gravitate toward a healthy restaurant, brainstorm additional target audiences based upon the restaurant location and type of cuisine.Marketing a restaurant requires identifying, reaching and creating advertising that speaks to target audiences.A healthy restaurant will appeal to a sprawling array of overlapping target audiences.If you can offer delicious meals for a reasonable calorie count, you will be able to give hungry dieters a way to indulge their desires for scrumptious restaurant cuisine and continued weight loss at the same time.Mention your special diet options in your marketing materials.Charles advises that first- time restaurateurs read a bunch of different business plans for other restaurants and technology and retail companies to get a better sense of layout options, writing styles, and clarity of concept.Put the sections that you feel would be most compelling to someone who’s never met you first: the “Management Team” section if you’re coming from high-profile establishments, for example.


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