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As TIME noted in the week following the bombings, the men aboard the Enola Gay could only summon two words: “My God!

” But, even as world leaders and ordinary citizens alike immediately began struggling to process the metaphorical aftershocks, one specific set of people had to face something else.

Hiroshima was a controversial event during World War II that had a profound impact on the world.

Use the following essay questions to help your students examine this event from different perspectives and understand its importance.

’ I have seen a lot of pain in my long years, but truthfully, I have lived a good life.

As a firsthand witness to this atrocity, my only desire is to live a full life, hopefully in a world where people are kind to each TESTIMONY “American B-29 bombers dropped leaflets all over the city, warning us that Nagasaki would ‘fall to ashes’ on August 8.

Instead of being famous for its art, education, or cuisine, Hiroshima, Japan, will forever be known as the first city to be targeted by a nuclear bomb.

Although this historic event may have helped to bring about the end of World War II and marked the culmination of extensive scientific research and development, the devastation inflicted on the Japanese city was horrific and long lasting.

Quite a number of readers expressed interest in seeing present-day Hiroshima as well, and thanks to a few Getty photographers, we can take a look at the modern city and portraits of still-living survivors of the bombing.

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