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Brothers and sisters, the issue of the proposed “no homework” policy requires serious study.But in the end, it is important to focus on the parent’s roles in order to truly guide them in raising their children the proper way.

The secretary even added that Dep Ed even encourages teachers not to give their students homework for the same reasons enumerated in the proposed measures.

However, for the Alliance of Concerned Teachers or ACT, it is impossible for teachers not to give students homework under the K to 12 basic education program.

Brothers and sisters, what are your children doing after school? In the past week, two members of Congress presented their respective measures seeking to ban homework.

Or are their hours spent on finishing homework, even if, according to Save the Children Philippines, they are at school from five to eight hours every day?

Foundry College students attend two 90-minute classes per week per course and are not required to complete any advance reading or homework assignments.

Hands-on activities and focused, engaging lectures help students master new skills and knowledge efficiently so they can fit learning into their busy lives.

In the end, children’s education—whether inside or outside the school—cannot be measured alone by their ability to finish assignments.

Teachers help mold the children, but their basic physical, educational and spiritual formation rest exclusively with their parents.

Thus, schools should be helping parents to achieve their duties to their children.

Which is why, if the children are home, with or without homework, the parents have to ensure that their children are well-rested, are taught discipline through caring ways, and still learn from anything they are doing outside school.


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