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These graduates advance their careers as “entrepreneurs” within their organizations.The Hospitality Management works very closely with leaders of the industry from around Silicon Valley.Some of these are 'doubles', giving excellent opportunities for creativity and practical work.

This ensures, in turn, that our graduates are truly operational when they launch their careers, with a can-do, entrepreneurial attitude that the industry appreciates - not only just in Silicon Valley but also worldwide!

In Year 7, students practise basic skills and recipes to enable them to become accustomed to the equipment in the kitchen.

This is a big advantage to our students, because not only do we have an “inside track” on helping them find good jobs when they graduate, but also because these advisers give us valuable insight into new industry trends which we can incorporate into the classroom learning experience.

This strong industry support ensures that we remain focused on practical, real-world issues.

By Year 9, students are starting to learn more advanced techniques, in order to prepare those who wish to take on the subject at Key Stage 4.

Most KS3 lessons are 'doubles', which allow plenty of time for practical work.Examples of courses within the Department include: One aspect of the San José State University degree is its focus on entrepreneurialism.Through our courses, we give students the management tools they need to be able to run their own hospitality businesses soon after graduation.A Foundation Apprenticeship is a work based learning programme where the learner is ‘earning while learning’.The programme is aimed at learners over the age of 16.Students research the task, and propose dishes using their knowledge of menu planning, customers' needs, nutrition and food safety (3 hours).After producing a detailed time plan (2 hours), students undertake a 4 hour practical, showcasing their skills.And thanks to our excellent contacts with leading companies in the industry, students are given the opportunity to develop on-the-job leadership talents at an early stage of their careers.This puts them in an excellent position to be able to start and run their own businesses, or if working within a big-company framework, to exercise the kind of creative and independent thinking that will help their companies take advantage of new market opportunities.Areas of study include: food preparation, cooking and presentation, health, safety and hygiene, costing and menu planning, job roles and employment opportunities.Over the course of our two week timetable, students will have 5 hours of lessons.


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