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I imagined this would be a relatively painless task that would leave the rest of the evening free.Practically, it became a time of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth — a time that grew longer and longer the later into the school year we got.It’s no wonder that some kindergarteners are not motivated to do homework..

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Rewards (and sometimes punishments) are many parents’ go-to motivators.

Parents love them because they work almost instantly. But very soon, you will notice some unintended results. Some years ago, after a lecture, Professor Mark Lepper was approached by a couple who told him about a system of rewards they had set up for their son, which had produced much improved behavior at the dinner table.

Going from playing all day at home to behaving or sitting still in a structured environment for hours at a time is a tough transition.

To add to that, many kindergartens also assign homework to these little children, further reducing their available play time.

Sometimes they come inside on their own, sometimes I have to call them in, but either way, they are significantly more compliant when I tell them to start their homework.

They might complain or roll their eyes, but we no longer have pitched battles about the relative injustice of homework.

Over Christmas, I started listening to an audio book about the effect of exercise on the brain, and particularly the brains of children.

It reminded me of the way Finnish schools structure their school days around play — a structure that American schools are beginning to tentatively implement: Eagle Mountain Elementary is a public schools in the Fort Worth area trying out Lii NK, a new program that boosts the amount of recess for the youngest students.

Here’s the problem…When you hear the word “motivate”, what do you think of?

If you’re thinking about toys, money, i Pad time, points, stickers, etc., you’re not alone.


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