How Long Are College Entrance Essays

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Due to the high competition, it may be difficult to accomplish this task by writing 250 words.

There are no doubts that college admissions experts will be glad to read a well-structured story of 500-600 words.

This kind of work is more serious than just a composition about your summer holidays.

By the way, even this academic assignment should be written within a certain limit.

You want to include only the essentials; concision is key.

No official length on college essays exists, unless the college gives you a specific length requirement, according to Degree Directory.

However, you need to understand that plus 5 words and plus 50 words is a great difference.

So, if you need up to five extra words to finish your brilliant thought, you can do this without any worries. There are two main reasons why you shouldn't write long essays.

Admissions officers know that the highest qualified students often hail from very similar backgrounds.

Moreover, they understand that, while not just any student belongs in their program, the students who do belong in their program can come from anywhere.


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