How To Solve Matrices Problems

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This means that these types of matrices are represented in a box-like format, consisting of 4 numbers.

This means that these types of matrices are represented in a box-like format, consisting of 4 numbers.Two numbers will be at the top of the matrix, and two numbers will be directly below these on the bottom of the matrix.

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(2 × 24) (4 × 16) = 48 64 = 112 Be careful with the negative numbers when multiplying and adding.

(-5 × 9) (-6 × 4) = -45 -24 = -69 The matrices that you will see on the ACT math exam will normally be in a two-by-two format like the one below.

This means that we are multiplying a matrix by an ordinary number.

How To Solve Matrices Problems

Every entry inside the matrix just gets multiplied by that number.

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You might also see a question on the ACT on adding or subtracting matrices.

Important note: you can only add or subtract two matrices of exactly the same dimensions.


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