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Business and MBA research papers point out that there are variances of leadership in human resource practices, however, those applied to people management have been given the most attention by industries.

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Commuters who listen to music or browse social media might be increasing their chance of a stressful workday.

Research by Francesca Gino and colleagues offers better ways to cope with a bad commute.

Similarly, HR analytics research papers can be used by HR professionals to better understand the technology that is revolutionizing their human resource efforts. The paper explores how HR analytics are helping to effectively shape human resource management processes.

While some find research papers too scholarly or dull, HR analytics is an exciting, new topic for researchers and most of their insightful findings are useful in helping HR professionals do their jobs more effectively and help better serve employees and their business. Here are some of the top HR analytics research papers worth reading. The abstract notes that HR is distinct in its decision-making practices from other business units because “decisions in…

Research papers on today’s human resource techniques and strategies are influenced by society and economics and, with the rapid growth of global commerce and electronic technology, it can be expected, that such techniques will be based on managing highly knowledgeable workers who provide skilled services.

While this is true, research papers on Human Resource Management focus on techniques that work to benefit the workforce as a whole, from highly skilled to lower skill levels, are sought to benefit the organization as a whole.

This paper was published in July of 2017 in the International Journal of Business and Management Invention by authors Dr. HR mostly rely on trust and relationships not like how in other functional areas of management.” HR analytics is helping create uniformity in decision-making business-wide for many organizations.

The paper also does a very interesting deep dive into how Google is using HR analytics and the ten ways that it is changing their HR processes.

Open for comment; Women caught in misconduct were 20 percent more likely to be fired and 30 percent less likely to find new employment in the financial services industry, reports new research by Mark Egan and colleagues.

Open for comment; Barriers to the diffusion of salary information have implications for a wide range of labor market phenomena.


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